Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Someone Worth Missing

I have some more tv dialogue for you (I promise I don't just sit around and watch tv all day ;). First, it was a conversation between a man and a woman, both widowers (from One Tree Hill; again, it's taken out of context but still totally applies to our losses):

Woman: It's hard, isn't it? Learning to live without them?

Man: Yeah, it's hard making new memories. You know, like it's not fair to them.

Woman: I think, it's not fair to them not to. I mean, they'd want that, wouldn't they? They'd want to know that we face their absence with dignity, grace.

Man: Yeah, well the truth is, I'm not sure I've been that gracious about any of it.

Woman: You're still here, aren't you? Still finding your way? That's about as much grace as anyone can ask.


Second, a conversation between a father and son (also from One Tree Hill, also out of context):

Dad: You miss him?

Son: Yeah . . .

Dad: It's hard when you miss people, but you know if you miss 'em, that means you're lucky. It means you had someone special in your life. Someone worth missing.

Son: Yeah, I guess, I just don't like the missing part so much.

Dad: Yeah, me neither.

There isn't an abundance of references to childloss in pop culture (because it really doesn't happen, now does it?), and we get swept under the rug. So I have to find inspiration where I can. Things that apply to how I'm feeling, words that hit me to my very core.

At the end of the day, I'm still here and still finding my way. And most importantly, Dylan is definitely someone worth missing. (And so are all of your babes . . . for all you babyloss mommas reading this, in case no one has told you lately, your dignity and grace inspire me.)


Jill said...

I am happy you posted this. I was watching it and wished afterwards that I wrote down what was said.

Franchesca Cox said...

Hey those are pretty good!!! I enjoyed reading them too. I take things out of context all the time in my head. There is a line on Lord of the Rings at the very end that almost makes me want to cry. I don't remember it verbatim but it talks about how we can't go back to the life we once lived after enduring or something like that (it was good, I am not doing it justice, lol)

Anyway, thanks for sharing this!

The Blue Sparrow said...

I watched this last night and thought the same things. I loved these quotes, even taken out of context. I am a OTH fanatic! And yes Dylan and all of our babies are definatley worthy of being missed. *HUGS*

Courtney said...

Oh be still my heart. Thank you for sharing this Kat.

PB&J said...

I know one day.... we will have our moment and the world will be able to see a glimps of what our lives our without our children. I play out that movie all the time in my head. Wondering who could be strong enough to play the lead.

Holly said...

I think those are pretty good clips that capture quite a bit!!