Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter Dylan!

Every holiday without you is difficult. It's just another cruel reminder of your physical absence. But on Easter, unlike any other holiday, I feel the peace of knowing that you are safe in the arms of Jesus. (It's a far better place to be, and I pray nightly that I may be reunited with you in Heaven one day, my dear.)

A great big hug to all the babylost mommas (and daddies, of course) who celebrated without your angels yesterday. And a very, special thank you to Michelle from Missing Juanito for this precious little gem:


Michelle said...

Thank you for the the post. Your little guy shares names with my oldest. We even spell it the same. I am glad I could give you a small gift for Easter. It will never replace your loss, but I hope it helps to know he is not forgotten.

Sara said...

Beautifully written. Big hugs to you as well!