Friday, July 3, 2009

Under the Tree - June

Under the Tree

"Under the Tree" is a discussion spot for babyloss mothers started by Carly from Love Reign Over Me.

Okay, so obviously I'm a little behind in posting this one, but it looked like fun, so I still wanted to participate!

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye color: Dark Brown

Profession: Mommy and Promotions Coordinator at a local TV station

Relationship status: Happily Married

My Favorites:

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite movie: "Knocked Up"

Favorite animal: Non-domestic? Probably whales (kind of a random one, I know, but I fell in love with the Belugas at the Georgia Aquarium)

Favorite store: Banana Republic

Favorite childhood memory: Being a huge tomboy and always trying to keep up with what the boys were doing

Favorite hobby: Writing and Photography

Favorite song/singer: "Paul Revere" by the Beastie Boys / John Mayer

Favorite book/author: "Great Gatsby" / Edgar Allan Poe

Favorite school subject: Newspaper/Journalism

Favorite vacation destination: Maui, where we went for our honeymoon; or Destin, FL where we go every year

Favorite food: Salmon, Spaghetti/Lasagna (preferably mom's), or chocolate

Favorite restaurant: Trader Vics

This or That:

Coke or Pepsi: Coke

Beer or wine: Either, depends on my mood

Coffee or tea: Tea, preferably sweet and iced!

Apple Juice or O.J.: OJ

Summer or Winter: Can I say Fall?

Cats or dogs: Dogs

Salty or sweet: Both!

Plane or boat: Plane

Morning or night: Night

Money or love: No question, LOVE!

Breakfast or dinner: Dinner

Forgiveness or revenge: Forgiveness

House or apartment: House

Like to cook: Not really, so I married a great cook!

Have You Ever:

Got a speeding ticket: Yes

Wished you were someone else: I'm sure I have

Cried during a movie: Uh, can you say "Steel Magnolias"?

Describe yourself in one word: Complicated

Biggest fear: I'm not afraid of anything anymore, other than losing another child

Biggest mistake: My ex?

Your proudest accomplishment: Carrying and Having Dylan, and how I've carried myself in the aftermath

Dream job: Wedding Coordinator or Wedding Photographer

Special talents: Video-editing

Where would you rather be at the moment: At the Beach

Famous person you want to meet: Orlando Bloom

Song to be played at your funeral: "One Sweet Day" Mariah Carey/Boyz II Men

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Jackie said...

Steel Magnolias will always be our movie, Momma. When I was up in Natchitoches (where the movie was filmed) for a mediation this past Christmas, amidst the twinkle of lights, I thought back on you and Dylan and the new baby to come. Hope springs eternal, my friend, and your strength amazes me.