Monday, May 10, 2010

Dedicated to Mommies

I realize I'm a day late for Mother's Day, but I think it goes without saying that you never need a special day to celebrate mothers. I got this card on the way out of church yesterday, and I wanted to dedicate it to all the great mothers out there who read this blog:

The Most Important Person
on earth is a mother. She
cannot claim the honor of
having built Nortre Dame
Catherdral. She need not. She
has built something more
magnificent than any
cathedral-a dwelling for an
immortal soul, the tiny
perfection of her baby's
body...The angels have not
been blessed with such a
grace. They cannot share in
God's creative miracle to bring
new saints to Heaven. Only a
human mother can. Mothers
are closer to God the Creator
than any other creature; God
joins forces with mothers in
performing this act of
creation...What on God's
good earth is more glorious
than this: to be a mother?

-Joseph Cardinal Mindszenty

Happy Belated Mother's Day!


Courtney said...

That is beautiful. Thank you for sharing with all of us. I hope your Mother's Day was a peaceful one!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful...thank you for shearing. I hope your day was a blessed one.