Tuesday, November 17, 2009


It's just started raining here, a drab, overcast kind of day.  Fitting, really.  Today is November 17, 2009, exactly 17 months since we said goodbye to Dylan.  (Yes, I know I said I'd stop counting before, but I also said that that probably wasn't true).  My mom told me last week that it was my brother's birthday (I'm awful about remembering those things).  He would be 35 years old.  Evidently, a bereaved mother NEVER stops counting.  So, Happy Belated Birthday Alan.  Hope that your nephew celebrated right along with you!

The leaves are falling, Thanksgiving is coming up. I just wanted to share something I'm thankful for today.  Holly, a fellow babylost mommy, e-mailed me this beautiful picture that I wanted to share:

 I'm still amazed at the fact that Dylan's short life could have such a tremendous impact.  Thank you Holly!


Courtney said...

Thinking of you, your brother and your sweet Dylan.


Holly said...

No, I can't ever imagine not counting and your mom is proof of that. Thinking of Dylan and Alan. I'm glad you like the photo. :)

Franchesca Cox said...

Beautiful picture and I agree too. A mother never forgets.

Sara said...

Many hugs to you. And that photo is so special!

It is rainy here today too. This is a hard week - Samuel would be two years old on Thursday.

These days are just plain hard.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful picture! Praying for you and your family this week

The Blue Sparrow said...

She does such a great job with these photos doesnt she! I happened on your blog through Hollys and I just have to tell you the Dylan's such an adorable little man. You have one cute angle looking over you! HUGS!